Ballhawk Talk #98: To Organ or not to Organ

This week on Ballhawk Talk, the boys discuss their favorite commemorative baseballs in power rankings. Ballpark reviews return, as Comerica Park in Detroit is reviewed. Also, could baseball be on the verge of a lockout?


  • Does an Organ belong at the ballpark?
  • Mariners/Diamondbacks 5-player trade
  • Ballhawk Talk Survey
  • Bathroom Reviews

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Happy Thanksgiving! 2016 Ballhawk Version

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In this post, I want to share 10 things I’m thankful for in the ballhawking world.

  1. Ballhawks – The community has grown very strong with the well likings of familiar faces like Zack Hample. But to those of you I get to spend my summer with  at the ballpark, thank you! Here are a few:
    • Rocco Sinisi
    • Greg Jeranek (Brooklyn)
    • Erik Jabs
    • Nick  Pelescak
    • Larry Larson
  2. Ticket Cost –  I spent less than $100 dollars on tickets this year thanks to the Reds and the their stellar 68-94 performance.
  3. Weather/Mother Nature – With 2015 being a total bust for batting practice, I thank you Mother Nature for giving me everyday I went out to the ballpark a beautiful day!
  4. Attendance – Where do I begin? The attendance has been incredibly low the past two years due to the Reds having a losing record and dipping down into rebuilding mode. Without this, I truly don’t think my numbers per year would be as high as they are. So to all the Reds fans, thank you!
  5. Detroit – What a great one-day trip up to Mo-Town. The ballpark isn’t all that bad. Friendly people, great food, die-hard fans. I will be making a trip back to Detroit very soon.
  6. Cincinnati Reds – As much as I criticized the Reds, I see a light at the end of the tunnel.
  7. Pittsburgh –  Simply beautiful. With three rivers connecting and some great accents “dahn tahn” why not include this marvelous city on the list.
  8.  Mark Riggins – I’d grown a  friendship with former Reds pitching coach Mark Riggins. That is, until the Reds booted him at the beginning of July. Thank you Mark for being so kind and fan-friendly to us ballhawks.
  9. Larry Larson – I would like to thank Larry Larson and Mateo Fischer for giving me the opportunity  the be a co-host of the first and only video baseball podcast made by ballhawks for ballhawks which would be “Ballhawk Talk”. You can watch the show every Sunday night at 8 eastern/7 central. Also,  check out Larry’s blog here.
  10. You, the reader – I know I don’t have much of a viewership on the blog, but I hope it will continue to grow in the near future. In the meantime, I want to thank all of those who viewed my blog and got to experience my journeys with me. Thank you thank you! You can follow me on Twitter @cole_adkins or check me out every Sunday on Ballhawk Talk.


Ballhawk Talk #97: Post-awards season

Cole and Larry discuss the recent controversies over the American Cy young award, and share their opinions about the other awards. “Astros insider” Angel Arroyo joins briefly to discuss the team’s recent acquisitions. Segments include poll of the week, Power rankings (Thanksgiving Food), and tweets of the week.


  • White Sox Insider Nick Larson
  • Astros Insider Angel Arroyo
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Thanksgiving

As always, you can watch the show every Sunday night at 8 eastern/7 central by clicking the link we send out via Twitter @BallhawkTalk. If you aren’t a Twitter person, you can search “Ballhawk Talk Podcast” on YouTube and click “subscribe.” where you’ll see all of our episodes.



Ballhawk Talk #94: Cubs win World Series!

Cole and Larry are joined by frequent guest Angel Arroyo. The trio discuss the Cubs winning the world series, their extremely accurate playoff predictions. Larry recaps his experience at the Cubs parade. Segments include Poll of the week and power rankings


  • Do the Rockies and Diamondbacks have what it takes to make an impact in the NL West?
  • Climbing on street polls?!?!?
  • Does Larry enjoy Mountain Time Zone?

As always, you can watch the show every Sunday night at 8 eastern/7 central by clicking the link we send out via Twitter @BallhawkTalk. If you aren’t a Twitter person, you can search “Ballhawk Talk Podcast” on YouTube and click “subscribe.” where you’ll see all of our episodes.




Ballhawk Talk #92: Cubs win the Pennant! (World Series Preview)

In this episode, Cole and Larry preview the upcoming World Series between the Cubs and Indians. Cole Interviews Larry about how he feels about the National League title, and asks him your questions.


But before that, since Larry’s Cubs are headed to the World Series, Cole felt obligated to draw Larry’s very own baseball card!!!



  • Will the Cubs win the World Series?
  • Can Larry sing “GO CUBS GO” by Steve Goodman?
  • Can Cole Actually draw?

As always, you can watch the show every Sunday night at 8 eastern/7 central by clicking the link we send out via Twitter. If you aren’t a Twitter person, you can search “Ballhawk Talk Podcast” on YouTube and click “subscribe.”




The Future of my blog

As I write this entry, it is October 21st and I’m in full winter mode. I know I know…. With my Reds not making the playoffs I don’t really have much intention on watching the World Series. Anyway, the point of this entry is what should I do with this blog? I don’t attract many views and feel this is a “dead” blog. I’ve considered turning this into the “Ballhawk Talk” blog with Co-Host/Founder of “Ballhawk Talk” Larry Larson. If this were to turn into the “Ballhawk Talk” blog it would mainly focus on summaries of the show, and column type things…

As for writing about every game I attend, it just takes up too much of my free time. Given how long it takes to crank up a blog entry, it doesn’t make sense to keep blogging. After editing, labeling, selecting, and uploading images its a three to five hour process.

I don’t want to quit the blog just yet, so I would like to hear from you guys.  Any tips/recommendations would be appreciated.

7/22/16 at Great American Ball Park

I snagged 6 balls during BP on this day, but the main highlight was snagging this.

Arizona just came from a two day series in Toronto so I was eager for a Blue Jays commemorative this series. This would make it 2 for 3 with commemoratives this year so far. I’m only missing the Turner Field final season ball. I obtained the Cubs commemorative ball in April when the Rockies were in town and now finally got the Blue Jays one. It felt really great to get these two balls. I’m hoping to make a trip to Turner Field later this season. As for the game it’s self, it was grateful dead night and check out the Jumbotron.

The Reds went on to win 6-2 scoring 3 runs in the first and 1 run in the 6th, 7th, and 8th inning. 

6 balls at this game. 

6/26/16 at Great American Ball Park

Well, I’ve decided to blog about this game for a few certain reasons.

1. It was Pete Rose Weekend so why not???

2. I’ve heard that commemorative balls were being used during the game and I really wanted to get my hands on one. 

I arrived around 10:50, (gates were going to open at 11:10) I caught up with New York ballhawk Greg Barasch who made a special one day trip for this commemorative ball. Here was the view behind me a couple of minutes before the gates opened. 

Once the gates opened and I ran in, this was my view. 

It took me 43 minutes to get on the board!!!! Reds players weren’t friendly and once the rest of the gates opened it for crowded quickly. My first ball of the day was an Andrew Cashner toss up that went a couple rows over my head where I quickly jumped on the ball quick to make sure no one else got it around me. When there was a lull in the action, Greg and I wandered around the stadium to explore. Just as we got back down for the ceremony, this was our view. 

Our strategy for the game was to work the Reds and Padres dugout for a ball. However, we made sure to stay out of each other’s way and not interfer with each other. Well long behold, once the bottom of the first ended, look who ended up with the ball. 

It was Greg! I was happy for him but also jealous at the same time. I now had to get my head in the game and try harder. Well, 3 innings later, Brandon Phillips grounded out to first base and with Luis Pedromo with the ball I knew this was my chance. Once he got about half to the dugout, he pointed up at me and I knew for sure I was getting this. When he got closer and tossed the ball up here was the answer. 

YES!!!! Mission accomplished! Just as I was putting my ball away, I met another ballhawk who only goes for commemorative baseballs. He was from KC. Unfortunately, I don’t remember his name. However, here’s a group pic of all of us. 

Great day for sure. 

2 balls. 

Update/Future Plans

Hello, for those of you that are curious and still check out my blog, thank you! It’s been a while since I’ve updated or posted on my blog. I’ve been super busy with attending games and getting ready for the new school year. Here is an update of how my games have been.

I should also update that I’ve snagged some commemorative balls while I’ve been gone. 

Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, I’ve decided to only blog about certain games that were huge or important in a way of snagging a milestone ball in my ballhawking career or snagging a unique ball like the ones pictured above. As for my videos, I’ve decided to drop that too (call me lazy if you like, I welcome all the trolls!!) it’s just blogging takes time and vlogs take time as well. I mean c’mon, attend the game, write about the game, edit video footage from batting practice. I don’t have much time to do all of that in my busy schedule. Sorry. What are some suggestions you guys recommend? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

6/10/16 at Great American Ball Park

This would be my final game of the homestead, so I wanted to make the most out of it. It didn’t start off too hot, I didn’t snag a single ball for the first 43 minutes of entering the stadium. Finally, at 5:10 I ran over and found ball #1, #2, and #3 within a span of 45 seconds. Just like that, my day had gone from bad to decent. Just as the Reds were wrapping up BP, I had J. C. Ramirez throw me ball #4 as I had to lean WAYYY over the wall to catch it because it fell short. I then headed back to RF where I waited for A’s BP to get underway. Once A’s BP got started up, I got ball #5 from this guy.

I didn’t know who it was at first, but once I tweeted out the photo, I then discovered via my Oakland friend and fellow ballhawk that it was in face Sean Manaea. Thanks, Nick! Ball #6 was an over throw from Jake Smolinski that was intended for another fan but fell a few rows short, once I picked it up, I handed it to the intended fan. Then, for ball #7 I got Jake Smolinski attention and he chucked a ball 13 rows deep straight to my glove. Once the rest of the stadium opened at 5:40, here was my view.

Here was the view to my left and right.

Not a huge crowd, considering it was Fireworks Friday game. With a lull in the action, I quickly got back on the board for ball #8 from Marc Rzepczynski in right field. Then to finish off BP, I got former manger and current third base coach Ron Washington to hook me up with ball #9. He seemed pretty cool. If I remember, he tossed a lot of balls up which is always a positive aspect in the ballhawking life. Once BP was over, I made my way over to the bullpen and watched Sonny Gray warm up.

That’s where I got ball #10 from Sonny Gray after he was done warming up. Soon after, Rocco then got his other warm ball that he used in the bullpen. Here’s a photograph to show.

As for the game, Sonny Gray pitched a perfect game all the way through 6. However, Tucker Barnhart broke up the perfect game in the bottom of the 7th with a lead off single. Final score, Reds 2 Athletics 1.

10 balls at this game. 

157 on the year